Tesla Solar Roof Perfectly Self-Cleans in the Snow

Tesla Solar Roof is becoming more and more popular, and has repeatedly proven its performance in a variety of weather conditions. Now, most of the United States suffers from atypical winter weather, and snow is falling even in regions where it has not previously fallen, so the question of how Solar Roof copes with this demand has become even more urgent.

While the Solar Roof installation is not an additional concern in warm climates with many sunny days, residents of latitudes where snowfalls many have doubts about what will happen when the snow covers their roof. Such fears are natural because if the tiles with solar cells are covered with snow, they will not be able to receive energy and generate it into electricity. Nevertheless, Jason Lassen/YouTube is in a hurry to dispel all doubts.

Jason said that he is building a new house in Wisconsin with Solar Roof, and wanted to demonstrate how the roof copes with the effects of snow. He filmed a short video showing the roof, and said that snowfalls are expected in their region in the coming days. As such, he will watch how Solar Roof manages with self-cleaning. In the first part of the video, we can already notice that, while the roof on Jason’s house is not covered with snow, the roofs of the neighboring houses are slightly covered with snow. Jason already indicated that Solar Roof is doing an excellent job.

The next morning, Jason came to the house again, indicating that several inches of snow had fallen during the night, yet the roof of his house was without snow. The only exception was the place where the snow slid from several roof slopes at once, however, it did not cover the tiles with solar cells, which means it will not interfere with the receipt of energy. Jason also demonstrated that the roofs of the neighboring houses are covered with snow, which underscores how well the Solar Roof cleans itself of snow.

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