LASAA Launches 2023 Mobile Advert Stickers for Branded Vehicles

The Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency (LASAA), the agency has announced the release of its 2023 mobile advert stickers for branded vehicles in the state.

Managing Director of LASAA, Prince Adedamola Docemo, in a statement in Ikeja yesterday, stated that the new and improved mobile advert e-sticker will be in force effective from the 1st of January 2023, a development that will render the 2022 sticker invalid.

He reiterated that, just like last year, the agency has fully deviated from the yearly tradition of launching the stickers with pomp and would rather focus on improving the efficiency of the new process.

He explained that the new e-sticker, which was introduced last year, has attracted a lot of commendation from stakeholders.

According to him, LASAA has continuously reviewed and improved the mobile advert e-sticker product throughout the year to assess the process and fix all barriers for better and efficient performance.

Prince Docemo disclosed that the 2023 e-sticker continues to experience constant upgrades with a Quick Response (QR) code scanner application, which is readable with a simple smartphone.

He said, “The e-sticker has been enhanced with internal control mechanism, which comes with specialised bar codes and embedded details, including vehicle particulars and serial numbers for authentication.”

He explained that the new e-sticker comes with new improved security features such as anti-counterfeit properties and authentication system against fraud.

Prince Docemo emphasised that the level of security implemented for ease of confirmation has improved the process of compliance for the agency’s clients.

He stressed that all branded vehicles statewide will be effectively captured on a mobile advert database, thereby making the agency’s ability to monitor compliance and enforcement to work efficiently.

The LASAA boss noted that the incidence of fraud has been hugely minimised, adding that non-compliant vehicles will be impounded and grounded, assuring clients that upon registration, the e-stickers will be available to them within 48 hours.

According to him, LASAA continues to monitor the activities of unscrupulous persons parading themselves as staff of the Agency as well as those working to frustrate its efforts by selling mobile advert stickers belonging to other States.

This act, LASAA believes, is an attempt to cause confusion and conflict within Lagos territory.  He added that LASAA has already taken bold steps to reverse this anomaly.

He, however, assured that LASAA is always a step ahead in ensuring that all vehicles branded with logos and adverts are properly registered in Lagos State, warning that the agency would arrest those who fail to comply.

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