Lagos Fire Department Reveals Extensive Safety Strategy For Markets

Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service introduces comprehensive initiative to enhance fire safety in markets throughout the state.

This comes in the wake of a recent fire outbreak at Lagos Island Market and a subsequent on-site evaluation by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, as stated by Deputy Director of Public Affairs for the Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service, Ololade Agboola.

The statement conveyed that at the behest of Governor Sanwo-Olu, the relevant governmental agencies overseeing  building control and permits will implement stringent safety protocols.

Outlined by Mrs. Margaret Adeseye, Director of the Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service, the proposed measures include appointment and training of Fire Safety Marshals in all buildings, mandatory provision of fire extinguishers in every shop, inspection and maintenance of electrical wiring by certified professionals, enforcement of proper storage procedures and installation of fire detection and suppression systems.

Others include regulation of generator placement to prevent on-site fuel storage, prohibition of fuel storage within buildings, strict oversight on storage of combustible materials, with permits required and implementation of a whistleblower mechanism for reporting violations.

Adeseye stressed the urgency of these measures, citing 11 fire incidents this year alone in the vicinity, including five market fires and six shop-related incidents.

The statement added that the Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service has actively conducted fire safety campaigns in the market area to educate and empower stakeholders in fire prevention.

The Iyaloja of the burnt market, Alhaja Morufa Allison, recalled the incident, giving an explanation how the fire spread.

She admitted flammable materials were illegally stored in some of the buildings but pleaded with the government to assist innocent victims.




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