Bishop, NGOs urge Support for Imo State Projects

Catholic Bishop of Okigwe Diocese, Most Rev Solomon Amatu, has condemned the attack on the construction company working on Owerri- Umuahia road, and Owerri-Okigwe roads which led to the killing of their security personnel.

Amatu who spoke yestduring during his sermon at the golden jubilee wedding anniversary of Prof Maurice Iwu and his wife, Lady Kate asked if those engaged in the violence do not want the governor to bring progress to the state.

“ I drove from Anara to Owerri today and the road was smooth, no pot hole or bad spot. That is the good road the governor is doing which these people don’t seem to be happy with” the Bishop said.

Gunmen had in the last two days murdered two policemen and an army officer providing security for construction workers along the Owerri- Okiigwe and Owerri Umuahia roads.
While urging the perpetrators of the violence to desist from their murderous activities, Bishop Amatu said he didn’t believe that some people were against the  progress being driven by Hope Uzodimma.

He said there was need for people of the state to support the governor to accomplish his developmental agenda in the state.

Earlier in an interview, two human rights groups blamed the opposition PDP for the recent violence in the state.

According to them, PDP was afraid that Uzodimma would be easily re-elected based on his signature projects, hence the attempt to scuttle them.

Chairman of Nigeria Youths for Democracy, Onyemachi Njoku, condemned what he called a deliberate but vicious attempt by PDP to whittle down the progress made by Uzodimma through violence.

He said the recent killings in the state were targeted at blackmailing the administration of Uzodimma.

Njoku frowned at the senseless waste of lives in Imo because of politics and advised the opposition to desist from the act.
Also, Dr. Nwankwo Kalu of Youth Against Violence asked security agencies to redouble their efforts in apprehending perpetrators of the violence.
He said they should look at the way of the opposition since it was clear that they don’t want Uzodimma to succeed.

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