About 2024 Peak News Annual Lecture (PAL)

Peak News Annual Lecture (PAL)

Peak News Annual Lecture (PAL) is a product of Peak News Media. It is an annual gathering of relevant stakeholders in a particular sector of the economy, meant to allow participants to discuss and deliberate on contemporary issues.

This year’s Lecture Theme is ‘Food Security: Potentials and Threat In Nigeria’.

Aside from the Lecture, the event will also feature an Award segment, which is meant to recognize a few organisations, products/Services and individuals who have made a mark in their different fields of endeavour.

Peak News (

Peak News Online was established in 2020 to add value to society by disseminating general information, especially in the areas of science, health, technology, agro-allied business, industries, policy, and other news.

Peak News currently operates mainly from Lagos and Abuja, and aside from news coverage, collaborates with some organisations in organizing workshops, seminars and training in different sectors of the economy.

About four years after its establishment, its Editorial Board led by Abimbola Kintum Ph.D. agreed to start the Peak News Annual Lecture, to be hosted on Thursday, May 23, 2024.


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