88 Network Introduces Mobile Outdoor Led Advertising

...Flexible mobile advertising solution

An indigenous firm, 88 Network, has introduced into the Nigerian market, a mobile advertising solution for brands and companies to easier advertise their products and services.

This solution, according to the Founder and CEO of the company, Oluwaseun Oloto, is deployed via a rear view led screen mounted on the rear windscreen of the car.

She explained that the solution is a “transparent in-vehicle portable rear window LED display, it does not block out light or the view on both sides. This allows the driver to see through his rear-view windows while driving.

“In comparison to the traditional LED screens, the transparent LED screen is more creative in displaying content. As the vehicle is being driven on the road, the advertisements will be appreciated potentially”.

Giving more insights into the advantages of the new solution over the static advertising display on the body of vehicles, Olowaseun Oloto explained that with the old method, “you can only advertise one brand per time, and once the vehicle is dented, the advertising message is affected.

“Adverts pasted though may be creative, they are not interactive, and adverts are less visible at night, and the SAV used distort the body of the vehicle”

According to her “mobile advertising in Lagos has proven to be one of the effective and efficient means of outdoor advertising in Lagos because a lot of Lagos residents spend most of their time outdoor and mostly inside traffic. This channel of advertising conveys over 1000 different campaigns monthly since its inception”.

She added that “as an innovative and technology driven business, we constantly seek out ways to bring brands closer to consumers through our diverse range of services”.

The CEO concludes that on the long run, the new advertising solution will be more cost effective for brands advertising because of its multiple advantages over the old static method.

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