Third LASTMA Inter Command Competition

The 3rd Edition of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) Inter-Command Football Competition has entered the Finals stage with fixtures, dates and venues all set.

The third-place match and all other matches are scheduled for Thursday 8th April, 2021, between DELTA vs LIMA with Kick-Off time at 10:00am. Admin & Human Resource Assistant Director, Mr. Adisa-Oluga has been chosen as the Match Commissioner. Mrs. Phoebean Fasoyin, Head Digital Media and Communication will preside over the Female Entertainment Match between Lagos East (Ikorodu) and the female selected side (comprising of Lagos East, Centra, West 1 & 2). All matches will be played at Agege Stadium, Agege.

The main event of the day, which is the Finals between Headquarters and Foxtrot will commence by 12:00pm, with Comptroller Abdul-Quadri Azeez as the Match Commissioner.

All teams are expected to dress 15 Players, and two officials only, for each game, with command name, players name and number inscribed on all teams` Jersey for identification. Also, only players with shin guards and hose will be eligible to participate, as the Lagos State Referee as threatened to stepdown any player not adhering to rules and regulations.

The General Manager of LASTMA, Olajide Oduyoye said that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Stressing that engaging in sporting activities ensures proper development of the body and intellect which would enhance officer’s performance at their duty posts.

Commanders/Team Managers are to ensure their players and supporters comport themselves in the course of the competition.

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