Scout Association Raises Alarm Over Imposters

The Scout Association of Nigeria has alerted schools in the Federal Territory (FCT), Abuja to cases of impersonation and extortion by elements desperate to make money off parents and schools with children interested in the organization.

State Scout Commissioner, Dr. Garen Omonigho, said this in Abuja in his remark on the activities of the scouting community in Abuja.

Omonigho said that schools have reached out to him, on several occasions, about impostors who sought to take advantage of their wards’ desire to be members of the revered organization but those who went to such areas turned out to be fake.

He urged schools, to evolve the habit of verifying information about such claims, before letting their wards into the hands of such persons, who may not have good intentions.

Omonigho, who led the leadership of the FCT Scout association on a partnership visit to the Nigeria Uníon of Journalists (NUJ) FCT Council, said the body was wary of these characters and they must be checkmated before they cause harm to unsuspecting members of the public.

He maintained that the public owed itself and the scout association the responsibility to expose these persons.

His words: “Anybody that is not registered in FCT Scout team and is still masquerading as a scout leader, let the security agency be told that we are law-abiding people and we go by the principles that is tenable by the scout law.

“If you are not registered you are not a member of the scouting community.  If that is amplified, some people we do not know but know us, will not go through the back door and perpetuate such manner of mischief.

“It is high time for us to highlight our values. We are not a lawless people, you do not enter into schools the way you feel and begin to extort money from parents, that alone could also make some people not trust the integrity of the organization.”

In his remark, chairman of council, Comrade, Emmanuel Ogbeche, exposed the leadership challenged in the country and urged the Scout Association of Nigeria and all other leadership groups to fill the void by training the younger generation.

Ogbeche said the national demand for quality leadership, discipline, survival skill, and patriotism can be imbibed by the youth from early exposure to the guidance of associations such as the Sout Association of Nigeria and the values they espouse.

His words: “We are having leadership challenge because of the seeming inertia of associations like the Scout.

“When we were growing up scouting was a major activity for children,  they were taught survival skills, they went on camping and imbibed leadership training.

“We are pleased to know that already efforts are in to bring the glory days of Scouting to Nigeria and our schools.

“Our country needs a new generation of leaders who are disciplined; leaders who understand patriotism; leaders who have skills for modern living.”

He also charged them to make themselves available to schools in the FCT to make it difficult for infiltrators.

In the delegation of the State commissioner are: National Commissioner for Publicity, Wajeed Obomeghie, FCT Commissioner for Engagement, Martha Oha, and others.


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