Nursing Students Enrolment Rises To Address Healthcare Needs In Nigeria

On Monday, Professor Abubakar Faruq, the registrar of the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria, disclosed a substantial increase in nursing student enrolment from 38,000 to 68,000, aiming to train proficient nurses to meet the demands of Nigerians.

He affirmed that the uptick resonated with the present government’s pledge to sufficiently educate manpower to cater to Nigeria’s requirements. This statement was made in Iwara, Iwo, Osun State, during the inaugural matriculation ceremony of Mercy Medical University.

He said, “Let me make it on record, Osun is leading the state among other state universities in the country. Presently we have six accredited departments of medicine in Osun state out of 57 approved departments of medicine accredited by NUC and Midwifery Council. Mercy Medical University has also added making seven in the state.

The Acting Vice-Chancellor of Mercy Medical University, Prof Ajibade Lawal, has advised Nigerian students to integrate learning with the realities of modern society to become successful and productive in their chosen fields and careers.

Lawal who disclosed that the university is matriculating 500 students in MBBS, Nursing, medical lab, Public health, community health, and alternative medicine, stated that efforts are on to get accreditation for other courses.

He explained the importance of acquiring the attitude, skills, and characters that will enable them to find fulfillment in a world that is increasingly competitive.

He warned the students against indulging in social vices that may terminate and ruin their career pursuit, warning that “students engaging in or planning to engage in secret cults, extortion, intimidation, prostitution, etc. should know that they have two options, either change and pursue the path of rectitude or be shown the way out.

“The true worth of your MMU education will be measured by your ability to integrate what you have learned with the realities of modern society in ways that would enable you to become successful and productive in your chosen fields and careers,” Lawal added.

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