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NIDCOM, Caropi move to list Nigerians jailed Abroad

By Ignatius Ushie

The Chairman/CEO, Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, NIDCOM, Hon Abike Dabiri-Erewa has emphasized the need for an accurate and comprehensive database of Nigerians incarcerated in various prisons globally. According to a statement from the Media and Protocol Unit of the organization, made available to Peak News, the NIDCOM boss disclosed this at a closed-door meeting with members of the Counselling and Rehabilitation of Prisoners Initiative (CAROPI), a Non-Governmental Organisation in Abuja.

The Chairman explained that efforts are underway in compiling a detailed list of Nigerians wrongfully arrested and incarcerated for crimes they did not commit, adding that the Commission has been to several countries such as Brazil, South Africa, Togo and Benin Republic to facilitate the release of some Nigerians wrongfully arrested and incarcerated. She highlighted a situation in Brazil where a 74 year old woman was wrongfully arrested and the Commission was able to effect her release but she died afterwards.

The NIDCOM boss stated that as Nigerians travelling out of their home country, they should avoid committing crimes or participating in criminality. She welcomed the CAROPI team and assured them  of collaborative partnerships with NIDCOM.

Earlier, the President of CAROPI, Hajiya Rabia explained that many Nigerians have been victims of wrongful arrest and incarceration in many of the countries she has travelled to, noting that this must be addressed forthwith. Other members of the team expressed optimism for a robust working relationship with NIDCOM in areas of legal assistance, reintegration and rehabilitation and a conducive environment for justice and equity for all. On the CAROPI team were the President, Hajiya Rabia, Y H Cengis, Mrs Victoria Kuwua Nor-Ugor, Bar. Justice C. Uhuegbbe and Mr. Shiver Akuku.

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