Nasarawa: Hepatitis Claims The Lives Of 28 People

In an effort to tackle the worsening Hepatitis outbreak in Nasarawa State, the House of Assembly has urged Governor Abdullahi Sule to declare a state of emergency regarding the lethal ailment.

The immediate appeal follows the deaths of 28 people in the Ekeh development area of Doma Local Government Area of the state due to the Hepatitis outbreak.

In a crucial Assembly session held yesterday, Musa Ibrahim, the representative of Doma South constituency where the Ekeh development area is located, fervently highlighted the devastating effects of Hepatitis, confirming the tragic loss of 28 lives to date.

He emphasised the need for immediate action to curb the spread of the disease.

In solidarity with Ibrahim’s motion, members of the Assembly, including Daniel Oga Ogazi, Ven Bawa Lari, and Hon. Solomon Akwashiki, echoed the sentiment that the situation demanded urgent attention and intervention from the state government.

In response to the gravity of the situation, Speaker Danladi Jatau underscored the necessity for prompt action, saying: “A state of emergency should be declared on hepatitis and other diseases in the state.”

He emphasised the need to mobilise a team of experts to investigate the outbreak and prevent further casualties.

Jatau said: “It is crucial that Governor Sule swiftly constitutes a team of experts to visit the scene to avert further spread of the disease.”

The urgency of the matter was palpable as the Assembly members rallied behind the call for decisive action.

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