NAAE Lagos Chapter Elects New Excos

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L-R: The new Chairman, National Association of Airtraffic Engineers (NAAE) , Engnr. Sonowo Ayodele and the immediate past Chairman, NAAE, Engnr Tony Nwose.

By Cliffsimeon Akalonu

The National Association of Air traffic Engineers (NAAE) Lagos Chapter, on Thursday 25th March 2021, held her biennial general meeting in Lagos, elects new executives to pilot the affairs of the association.

In a brief speech by the BGM Chairperson and GM, Workshop, planning & Logistics, NAMA; Engr. (Mrs) I. T Iheanacho, said that government should make sure engineers in the aviation industry embrace new technologies in use.

In a key note address, the GM, Training, Licensing and Staff Matters, NAMA, Engr. Bulus B. Bodam; said that, safety is not complete if the  ATSEPs are not mentioned.

He said, “Imagine a situation where there is negligence in handling of aviation electronic facilities, then incidents are set to take place and that is why our work and personnel must not be joked with, to enhance safety in the aviation industry”.

He mentioned Communication system, Surveillance and Navigational systems as the main duties of ATSEP, thereby calling for professionalism amongst members.

But the fact that we are charged with this responsibility of safety, I can not take it in such a way that I don’t want to see your face but we had to work together to achieve our aim as engineers”. Bodam said.

L-R: Engr. Obianika John, a NAMA staff, Engr. Bulus Bodam, Engr. (Mrs) I.T Iheanacho, Ogodo B. Olusegun, Engr. (Mrs) Edosomwan Uchechi and Engr. Tony Nwose.

Engr. Bodam, mentioned Covid19 as a big challenge and a global threat, as it was a hindrance between NAMA’s agreement with some installers, stating that if not for timing , smart facilities would have been on ground running but I know that NAMA is doing all it could to put things into position.

Handing over mantle of leadership, the out going NAAE Chairman, Engr. Ifeanyi Nwose, thanked his executives and members for always being there because “without you, there will be no me”.

He said, the tremendous success achieved during his tenure, was a collective effort of all members and without it there will be nothing to celebrate about.

In his words, Engr. Nwose, charged the newly excos to pedal high as much is expected, in the sense that, the work ATSEPs do are much sensitive and crucial as long as safety is concerned for air crafts.

He also thanked men of the media for their consistent support to the association by projecting our activities to the world, saying that God will replenish them in folds.

In appreciation, the new NAAE Chairman, Engr. Sonowo Ayodele, thanked almighty God for His Grace to have been elected as the new chairman. He also thanked his entire members, for having trust in him knowing  that the association is filled with brilliant and great minds.

“This election shows we want to set a new era,  an era of inclusion and infusion, an era of higher professionalism for all ATSEP”.

Egnr. Sonowo said, Certifying Air safety is what we do, and that responsibility , lies on the shoulder of our members as we carry out our duties day by day.”

“He promised that this present executive is set out to promote who we are, what we do and how we certify Air safety”.

Those who were elected as new executives of NAAE are as follows; Sonowo O.  Ayodele (Chairman), Kilasho Ibrahim. A (Vice Chairman), Adegbaju Christina ( Secretary), Olawepo Andrew O. (Treasurer), Ahmed Mobolaji M. (Financial Secretary), Joy Ijehon (PRO).

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