LG Unveils Eco-Friendly Products

To create a more eco-friendly environment, the LG Electronics has unveiled the PuriCare Wearable Mask, steam and ultraviolet C (UV-C) light robot designed to kill viruses on heavily touched surfaces.

From the latest home appliances and electronics to earbuds and smart masks, the company has continued to demonstrate its commitment to make sure its products contribute to a more sustainable world.

Many of its advanced home appliances, such as its smart ovens and washing machines, are integrated with LG SmartThinQ compatibility, enabling users to control appliances remotely and monitor operations.
Championing innovation for a better planet, LG aims to help consumers pursue a healthier and more connected lifestyle through the use of innovative products with environmental changes in mind.

According to its General Manager, Air Solutions Division, Jung June Yoon, PuriCare Wearable Mask is an exciting addition to the company’s  growing lineup of products designed to deliver meaningful health and hygiene benefits.

“Not many air purifiers provide 360-degree air purification, and LG’s PuriCare 360° Air purifier does that and more, strategically designed close to the floor so that air from top to bottom is clean for all adults and toddlers alike –to reap the benefits. This purifier uses a powerful filtration system and lets users know the level of their air quality via the easy user interface on top.

The company disclosed that the wearable air purifier has a model in every size one could possibly need. “PuriCareMini Air Purifier weighs just 530 grams (1.17 lbs.) so it can be taken anywhere –an office, café or car. Equipped with a total allergen removal filter, the device can handle particles as large as a human hair and as small as ultra-fine dust (PM 1.0).

“This purification option utilises a near silent Twin Tornado Dual Fan to dispense clean air much farther than you’d expect from such a compact device, and will do so for 8 hours before needing a recharge.
The Steam and Ultraviolet C (UV-C) light robot, called “steam” technology, might be a bit of a stretch given that steam has been around since the formation of the earth but harnessing that steam and UV-C light in consumer and commercial products is what LG has been able to do with much success.”

Hari Elluru, Head of Corporate Marketing, LG Electronics, West Africa Operations,  said LG is finding other creative ways to use ultraviolet-C rays to protect the public.

He said the LG CLOi UV-C robot was developed to clean high-traffic public areas.

“LG’s CLOi robot has a built-in motion sensor that shuts it off when people are around, and it is meant for restaurants, corporate offices and retail stores. It can navigate around tables, chairs and other furniture by itself, generally disinfecting a room’s touchable surfaces in up to 30 minutes. CLOi robot, which is  a South Korean technology, looks like a plug-in space heater on wheels and is set to be digitally unveiled recently at CES, which was among the world’s biggest tech conferences but went virtual this year.
The device will ship to LG’s business customers in April.

“LG Tone Free is another product that uses UVnano LED to keep customers healthier. These true wireless earbuds are the ultimate accessory for music lovers and conference callers with a case that clean the earbuds while they’re being charged,” he said.
Elluru said the LG ProBake Convection Oven is not only lauded for its supreme cooking skills, but for its ability to stay clean as well.

“LG’s EasyClean feature fills the inside of the oven with steam to make wiping away cooking residue effortless so that your next meal is prepared in a clean, spotless interior. It also means there’s no crusty build up inside the oven to create uneven heat dispersal leading to undercooked sections of meat, which can be dangerous.

“And after the meal is over, LG’s dishwasher is there to make those dishes spic and span clean and to also make your dishes and utensils safer, with its high temperature steam which is 99.99 percent effective in eliminating germs and bacteria.”
Over the last decade, the company has unveiled commitments, goals and bids to work with homeowners and businesses to create a more eco-friendly environment.

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