FRSC Arrests 15,000 in Lagos Within Three Months

The Federal Roads Safety Corps (FRSC), Lagos State Command, has arrested 15,000 offenders for various traffic offences in the last three months.
The sector commander, Mr. Olusegun Ogungbemide said at our 6th training and workshop of the Nigeria Auto Journalists Association (NAJA) in Lagos.
The FRSC boss speaking on the sidelines of the presentation said, “I arrested 15,000 offenders in the last three months, you should appreciate the fact that we have succeeded in arresting 15,000 crashes on our roads because the implication is that if we didn’t arrest these people, all the crashes we have been having, the causative reasons behind the crashes are what we have arrested before the real crashes.
This is the angle we should appreciate it from. And that’s why we are so passionate about this. We are at the receiving end and we know where the problem lies and we should be able to tackle it from there.”
He added, “Any time I have reasons to travel and I see a tanker carrying fuel beside me, I get agitated. I rather prefer to stay behind the tanker than to be by his side. The same thing goes for trucks carrying containers.
“At the beginning of the year, that was the first quarter, we arrested more than 800 trucks carrying containers along Lagos-Ibadan corridor.
“When say a container that is moved from the port to other part of the country must be latched and locked, they find the way out, they use a better truck to get the container out of the port and when they get outside the port, they transload to another vehicle that does not meet the minimal safety standards and those are the ones that you see crashing all over the place.”

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