FG To Introduce New Identity Payment Cards For Older Citizens

By Ignatius Ushie

In line with the federal government plan for senior citizens and older people in our society, the federal government has taken steps to introduce a new multipurpose seamless Identity Card, meant for senior citizens, age 60 and above to serve as vehicle for financial inclusion regardless of geographical location.

Director General, National Senior Citizens’ Centre (NSCC), Dr. Emem Omokaro, made this known at a round table meeting with banks and related institutions on production of Senior Citizens Identity Card, on Tuesday in Abuja.

According to the DG,  the project being initiated by the Centre, aims to ensure older persons are fully involved in economic and social activities using a specialized identity card that is conducive for such economic and social services and also gives them access to age friendly services, age friendly environment, access to concessions and discounts from services and transactions among others.

Dr. Omokaro said “NSCC by this meeting would leverage on available platforms to provide sustainability of development programmes for older persons through a Public Private Partnership, (PPP).

“Senior citizens face enormous social and economic challenges. This age bracket is prone to prejudice and negative stereotype because of our orientation, they are prone to redundancy because nobody now recognize your expertise, skills, competences, experience, the networks built and passion, therefore, the project ensures inclusion for these group of individuals”.

In his presentation, Director General of the National Identity Management Commission, (NIMC), Engineer Aliyu Aziz, said discussions for the production of the senior citizens identity card between NIMC and NSCC began since February last year and so far, huge progress has been made.

Represented by the Director, Information Technology and Identity Database, Chucks Onyepunuka, he stressed the importance of engaging the senior citizens in this country and creating a platform where they can identify with one another and also put a program in place for them.

“This is something that has never been done before in this country but the NSCC is able to put this project together for the senior citizens and this is a good initiative,” he said

On the basic features of the identity document, Assistant Director NIMC, Nwosu Chima, explained that the card is user-friendly and works seamlessly across all transaction channels using the National Identity Number, (NIN) feature of the bearer, adding that the card is a payment card just like a bank card encrypted with the identity biodata of the bearer and that the project has already been approved by the Federal Executive Council, (FEC).

According to him, “NIMC is building a data base for citizens ages 60 and above across the length and breadth of this country to provide the security identity card with a unique value for the citizen. NIMC is the repository of the data encrypted in the card, the banks and the NSCC are the issuer of the card.

“The card is a payment card with identity and this means that when a senior citizen goes to the bank or a designed centre approved for the use of the card and tenders the card for transaction, it is verified by NIMC by providing the information of the card to the bank, but once the information is wrong and does not match what is in the database of NIMC, the data will be verified,’ he said

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