FCT to replace stolen/vandalise Manhole/Gully Pot Covers

In response to the deep concern by the Honourable Minister of the FCT, Mallam Muhammad Musa Bello at the high level of vandalization/theft of Manhole and Gully Pot Covers in the Federal Capital City (FCC) and the need to address the ugly situation, the Executive Secretary of the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) Engr. Umar Gambo Jibrin has inaugurated a Task Force to audit the Vandalized/Stolen Manhole and Gully Pot Covers in the Federal Capital City.

According to a statement made available to Transport Day, the Inter-Departmental Task Force comprises of the Directors of different departments.

The Terms of Reference of the Task Force include to identify all the Manhole and Gully Pot Covers for (Storm Water, Sewer, Telecommunication etc) that have been vandalized or stolen; and Identify the locations (Districts, Sector Centres, Roads, Streets, close etc)

Others are to identify the level of vandalization or theft; Estimate the cost of restoration or replacement, and Recommend appropriate measures to forestall future occurrence.

To facilitate its assignment and in line with its Mandate, the Task Force has coopted professionals across the various Mandate Secretariats, Departments and Agencies of the FCTA as well as the Nigeria Police and Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC).

In furtherance of this, the Task Force has also constituted ten (10) different Teams to cover the five (5) Districts for the field work which has since commenced and is on-going to physically identify the actual locations where these Manhole and Gully Pot Covers have been stolen/vandalized with photographs and video clips in special cases where photographs may not convey the peculiar situation on group.

The Task Force therefore solicits the cooperation of the general public for the Field Workers and to assist them in any way possible for an unhindered execution of their assignment especially volunteering useful information that could lead to this recovery of stolen Manhole and Gully Pot Covers.  This appeal becomes more imperative when viewed against the fact that it costs the Administration so much money to put these infrastructures in place and replacing them due to vandalization and theft will further require huge resources that could have taken care of other infrastructural needs of the city and territory.

The work of the Task Force which is intended to make Abuja better and safer has a 4-weeks completion period with the submission of the field report which will give the FCT Administration the true picture of the damage involved as well cost implication to remedy the situation.

The replacement of the stolen/vandalized Manhole and Gully Pot Covers is expected to commence before the coming of the rainy season in order to restore the beauty of the roads and also check against the flooding of these roads whenever it rains.

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