Ember Months: Road Accident Information and Rescue Organisation Holds Campaign

The Road Accident Information & Rescue Organization (Rescue Team Nigeria), is working to ensure safety of lives and properties on Nigerian roads and environment, advocating for safety consciousness among road users as well as rendering humanitarian services and providing emergency services in Nigeria. The theme for this year’s awareness campaign is: ” Safe Roads For All “.
The program which will take place on Saturday the 22nd of October 2022 in Ibadan, will review the need for road safety awareness among road users to imbibe the safe driving/riding culture.
According to a press statement singed by the National Rescue Commander, Bamgboye Okanlawon, the event is organized to promote road safety and prevention of road traffic injuries and death on our roads.
The organization noted that “Time For Action Is Now To Achieve 50% Reduction In Road Related Crashes, Deaths And Injuries by the Year 2030”. It further stated that each year, millions of newly injured and bereaved people around the world are added to the countless millions who are suffering already.
Ember Months Road safety Awareness campaigns have become a powerful factor in making people to be aware of the importance of driving safely on our roads.
On the road, the best protection for the driver of a vehicle and its passengers is precaution, respecting road traffic rules/signs, promoting road safety culture and obeying of speed limits which is the best way to safe lives on our roads.
Comdr Bamgboye Okanlawon, acknowledged that It is necessary to remind government at all level and other organizations that, this is the time for action to achieve 50% reduction in road related crashes, deaths and injuries.
He urge all drivers and riders to be safety conscious and drive defensively in order to ensure that we did not record any loss of lives and property during this Ember Months period and beyond.
He further stated that everyone have access to roads, just because to use any road does not really mean you own it” . The roads are big enough to accommodate all road users. Let us share it passionately with all other road users. We should all remember that every life matters “.
This year ember month road safety awareness campaign is dedicated to the almighty God and to all Federal Road Safety Special Marshals and other road safety advocates for their selfless service to humanity and kind contributions to safety of lives on Nigeria roads.
However, this event is a special event to honor, recognize and celebrate selfless individuals who volunteer their time and energy to  promote safety of lives on our roads.
We shall recognize achievement, distinguished service, accomplishments and celebrate those who have demonstrated success and commitment to road safety in Nigeria.

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