Delta New Secretariat and Okowa’s Vision for Efficient Civil Service

By Collins Agwam

Standing in the heart of Asaba is the new Delta State Secretariat complex, a gigantic structure that has now become the cynosure of all eyes. The multi billion naira edifice which was designed in five clusters to house 27 ministries, departments and agencies will have banks, clinic and even creche to accommodate nursing mothers and their toddlers.

Located along the Maryam Babangida road which was recently expanded to a four-lane way by the Okowa led administration, the epic building is intended to house all ministries and agencies which hitherto have been scattered across the State.

Having served in various capacities as an outstanding public servant, Delta State Governor, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa knows for a fact that useful collaboration and synergy among workers with the same vision guarantees a productive workforce which is the hallmark of developed societies.

During a recent inspection visit to the facility, the governor remarked that the cost of governance will be reduced as many ministries, departments and agencies will be housed in one building which will eliminate the exorbitant rent government pays to accommodate MDAs in private buildings.

He said: “From what we can see here, in the next few months, all MDAs will be in one location. It may surprise you to know that due to lack of adequate accommodation in our secretariats, our MDAs are in different locations in rented apartments to the extent that some are very difficult to locate.

“I am happy that soon, there will be more efficiency in service-delivery as all the MDAs will be in one location which will enhance functionality, discipline and shared service to ensure ease in their operation, reduce cost of managing government business because, they will have one source of power, internet services, among others,” .

“With all the civil servants working in one location, in a conducive environment like this, where there will be banking halls, crèche, among other facilities, there will be discipline and the best results will be achieved for our people; the good people of Delta State.”

As stated by the Chief Public Servant of the State, the vision is that commissioners, permanent secretaries, directors, and other civil servants would work under one giant roof to deliver government business in seamless liaison, an initiative unprecedented in the State’s 29 years history.

Moreover, beyond engendering good governance and beautifying the state, it is not out of place to say that Governor Okowa has written his name in the sands of time for erecting such a massive structure in the face of daunting challenges occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic.

With the completion of this project, which will be commissioned for use this year to deliver better governance and bring prosperity to all Deltans, regardless of their political or tribal leaning, Ekwueme has yet again, kept another of his promise.

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