By Fred Chukwuelobe
I will be straightforward: If anybody tells you that COVID-19 is a scam or a White Man’s problem; if anybody jokes with observing prescribed COVID-19 protocols, please give the person a wide berth. He or she does not love his or her life. Save yours. You need it.
Happy birthday to all my friends whose birthdays fell between January 7 and 18, 2021. Happy Wedding Anniversary to those who celebrated on those dates. To those who mourned, or celebrated, please note that I was with you in spirit, even if bowed, but I remain unbowed.
I try to send birthday and other wishes to all my friends, friends and relations of my friends as they fall due, but between these dates, I couldn’t. It was not because of poor network, since I was in the village; it was because I battled for my life and went through three hospitals and finally ending up in Enugu where I was restored by God’s grace.
I tested positive to COVID-19 and battled for 7 days to stay alive. It got so bad that I lost hope. Thank God for saving me. I have duly observed the self-isolation as prescribed by my doctors and have returned a negative result and started going to work again. Yet, I remain even much more cautious.
I thought I could share my experience with folks, just like I did last February when I returned from the UK and went into self-isolation even when I didn’t show any symptoms, but this time try as I could, I still don’t have the strength to do so. So, I’ll leave you with this brief piece. COVID-19 is real and many are dying of it. Everybody needs to go for a test to ascertain his or her status and take necessary precautions.
So, happy birthday to all of you whose birthday fell on those dates and may all your dreams come true. If you lost anyone, my condolences. If you had reason to celebrate, I rejoice, albeit belatedly, with you.
Many of you, and I don’t want to mention names, had reasons to celebrate. I hope you guys had fun. Sorry I missed an opportunity to celebrate with you.
Thanks to all those who checked on me, prayed for me and visited me while I battled for my life.
Thank God I made it through.
It was rough, tough, but God Almighty, the Great Architect of the universe, said it was not my time.
The truth of the matter is that I am a survivor and it was tough, but God answered me.
To Him be all the glory and adoration.
Don’t joke with COVID-19. It is real and people are dying of it.
Culled from Fred Chukwuelobe FaceBook wall. Fred, who lives in Lagos, is a veteran journalist and Communications expert

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