Ayade, a Threat to Democracy- Jarigbe

By Frank Kintum

The Senator representing the people of Cross River North constituency in the Senate, Senator Jarigbe Agom, has alleged that Governor Ben Ayade is a threat to democracy, as agents of the state are threatening the lives of his supporters and constituents.

In a FaceBook post, obtained by Peak News yesterday, the Senator, who is the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) senatorial candidate in the coming general elections to be held February next year, appealed to the governor to desist from harassing his supporters. Ayade is the Senatorial candidate of the rival All Progressives Congress (APC).

In his appeal, the Senator said “The Governor of Cross River State and his agents should leave my supporters alone. The plan to come in to Ogoja with a decoy vehicle, to arrest my Constituency Officer and other PDP supporters is in public domain. The lives of our people are under threat, because of the Senate Elections in Cross River North.

“For the Security Operatives who have made themselves tools in the hands of Government Functionaries, we advise that you observe the ethics of your profession and stay within the Rules of Engagement. No threat will deter our people. We are in a Democracy and if a Governor cannot win an election, he should withdraw, rather than bully our people.

“No Ogoja man will die, because a man who has failed abysmally in governance wants to foist himself on the people and go to the Senate”.

The Senator alleged that “Our People should take note of where the aggression is coming from, if anything happens to any of our Bakor Sons. Emmanuel Ishabor, the Chairman of Council is the one who is collaborating with the Agents of Government to harm our People.

“I will advise that the Governor deploys his resources to win the minds of our people, because the animalistic brutality of our people will not be tolerated. We will rise up and defend ourselves. We draw the attention of all Security Agencies to this complaint”.



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